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Welcome to the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s Resources section – a curated list of the tools and websites we recommend for building and optimizing cognitive function.

Before digging into the awesome resources, an important disclosure:

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UltraMind Solution

by Mark Hyman MD

This book looks at drivers of a “broken brain” and presents a comprehensive strategy for how to get better (note: includes info about conditions other than Alzheimer’s and dementia).

The End of Alzheimer's

by Dale Bredesen MD.

Instant classic.  This is a real life playbook and plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s. Dr Bredesen’s work has been well-cited in the popular press and on this website and podcast.

Grain Brain

by David Perlmutter MD

A highly respected neurologist and thought leader in our community. He delivers the goods in these two books about grains and the importance of the microbiome.

Brain Maker

by David Perlmutter MD

A highly respected neurologist and thought leader in our community. He delivers the goods in these two books about grains and the importance of the microbiome.

Boost Your Brain

by Majid Fotuhi MD

In this book, Dr. Fotuhi lays out his three month plan to improve your brain health. This practical guide is designed to bring results relatively quickly!

Maggie's Recipe for Life

by Maggie Beer and Prof Ralph Martins

A beautiful book that contains more than 200 recipes for optimal brain health. Evidence informed by a leading Alzheimer’s researcher in Australia.

Why Isn't My Brain Working

by Datis Kharrazian DC

Get ready for this compendium of most of the things that can go wrong in your brain and what to do about it . Dr Kharrazian introduces you to great information that is often overlooked by the traditional medical community.

The Alzheimer's Prevention & Treatment Diet

by Richard Isaacson MD

Dr. Isaacson directs the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic at Weil-Cornell in New York City put together a very nice and practical book on diet and Alzheimer’s. Worth the read…reflects a predominantly Mediterranean style diet.

Diet for the MIND

by Martha Clare Morris PhD

Dr. Morris has revolutionized our understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and ways to prevent it. Now, the findings of her breakthrough research are accessible to all, in simple, step-by-step instructions that anyone can put to use.


Explains the science behind Dr. Dale Bredesen’s groundbreaking work in reversal of cognitive decline. Learn about the ReCODE program.

A free robust forum with experts and individuals discussing strategies to prevent and reverse disease associated with the high risk ApoE4 gene.

This was developed by Dr. Majid Fotuhi. This is a scientifically proven way to improve brain function in 12 weeks. You don’t have to necessarily do the whole program to get benefits.

BrainHQ by Posit Neurosciences

The most evidence-based, online cognitive training program out there right now. sign up and subscribe online. Try to get in 30 minutes three times a week as a best prevention strategies.

Sharp Again Naturally

A wonderful non-profit with great information on preventing and reversing Alzheimer’s. Check our their “10 Reversible Causes” list of things that drive brain impairment.  It’s really useful as a checklist to make sure you have the basics covered. A really good place to start. 

Thanks for all the great work you're doing!

Dale Bredesen, MD

author of NY Times Bestseller , The End of Alzheimer's