Usable Technology for Brain Aging & Dementia with Ben Hampstead PhD

Nov 29, 2021

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“We’re actually able to change the brain, even in the face of things like Alzheimer’s disease.” This was the statement made by our guest for this show, Dr. Ben Hampstead. Dr. Hampstead is a professor at the Univ of Michigan and leads a lab that is doing several studies using transcranial direct current stimulation for mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of cognitive impairment.  We talk about his work and compare it to some of our own results with our patients.  Exciting and thought-provoking!

To learn more about the exciting work being done by Dr Hampstead

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In this Episode You Will Learn:

1:55 – How we are able to change the brain even in the face of Alzheimer’s disease 

9:00 – Technologies that can be used to treat cognitive decline 

31:24 – Measuring the results of the non-pharmacological treatment methods 

37:51 – Making medicine more personalized 

47:22 – How these treatment plans can be used to prevent cognitive decline before it starts 


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