Towards Understanding “Lyme” & Alzheimer’s Relationships with Alan MacDonald MD

Feb 4, 2022

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In July 2021, the journal Frontiers in Neurology reported on “groundbreaking research” out of Tulane pointing to the relationship between Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s dementia. 

But since the 1980s our guest on this episode, Dr. Alan MacDonald, was stirring up the scientific debate by publishing and presenting data from his pathology laboratory that the bacteria – Borrelia Burgdorferi often synonymous with what’s called Lyme disease, because of its association with its US origins in the town of Lyme, Connecticut.

Dr. MacDonald graduated with an MD from Columbia University.  He has completed 35 years of research in Borrelia and Lyme disease and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on the pathology of Lyme and its role in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other diseases.

This show is dedicated to my mother, Susan Bergman MD, the #1 fan and supporter of the show – who was the first and coolest pathologist I’ve ever known.

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In this Episode You Will Learn:

3:00 – What is a pathologist? 

9:35 – Why Alan believes some of Alzheimer’s cases have microbial origins 

15:07 – Why has it taken so long to recognize chronic Lyme disease? 

24:34 – What percentage of Alzheimer’s patients have microbes like Lyme in their body? 

28:42 – How to get a diagnosis with Lyme 

42:12 – The possibilities for the treatment of Lyme disease 


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