Taking Hormones After Menopause – New Data with Felice Gersh MD

Mar 15, 2021

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We get many questions from listeners and people seeking Alzheimer’s prevention and early intervention about the risks and benefits of hormone therapies, such as estrogen and progesterone.

Our guest this episode, Felice Gersh MD and co-authors recently published an article entitled:

Postmenopausal hormone therapy for cardiovascular health: the evolving data

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • Hormone Therapy in this episode is referring to Estrogen (ie estradiol) and Progesterone.
  • 4:29 We talk about the ideal forms to take
  • 10:28 We discuss doses and the best way to monitor for safety and effectiveness according to the recent journal article.
  • 15:55 – Hormone Therapy’s potential benefits to heart and brain of Estrogen.
  • 21:15 – How estrogen might help the natural process of inflammation that occurs in women’s bodies after menopause.
  • 40:28 – Why it might make more sense to start estrogen therapy earlier rather than later.
  • 48:50 – Considerations for starting estrogen after age 60 or more than 10 years after menopause and how long it may take to see results.


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