Nutritious Movement & Dynamic Aging

Mar 12, 2018

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Our cells, including brain cells, are influenced by movement mechanics.  Our guest today is a leader in movement mechanics and aging.  Katy is part biomechanist, part science communicator, and FULL-time mover.  Katy Bowman has educated hundreds of thousands of people on the role movement plays in the body and in the world.  She is a prolific author of many books and other media outlets.  She directs the Nutritious Movement Center in the Pacific Northwest and travels around the world teaching Nutritious Movement™

In this Episode You Will Learn:

Katy explains “Nutritious Movement” – the idea that our cells are influenced by mechano-transduction (AKA movement mechanics or the “mechanome”). Movement is not really the same thing as exercise as exercise is more of a sub-category of movement. Katy foresees the day that we will know how individual movements are good for specific aspects of health, similar to how we understand specific micro and macro-nutrients are important for health (eg fats, carbohydrates and various vitamins and minerals). We can open up way more opportunities for people to figure out how movement works if we move beyond thinking about physical activity as exercise alone.

For example, most people arrange their homes so things are easy to get to (reducing our movements) and so it’s easy to find a place to sit. And those seating options keep us in the same geometry whether it’s the dining chair, sofa or toilet. How can we create more movement opportunities in the home? Katy may suggest things like putting the tea bags on a higher or lower shelf than the mugs so we have to squat or reach for them. Clear an inviting space so one can sit on the floor and stretch. Add a Squatty Potty, etc.

Katy introduces us to some of the co-authors in her book, Dynamic Aging, who are all now in their 70s and 80s and have had success with Katy’s movement methodologies over the last decade or so. She challenges cultural norms of how habit and sedentarism give rise to “inevitable” aches and pains of aging. It requires an inventory of all the aspects of our lives that impact how and where we move. Katy starts with how people get dressed, even what clothing we are wearing may restrict our ability to move. Note, footwear is a big deal! Shoes matter.

Our lives require changes in “shape” and “load.” Katy explains what it means to change up things in these domains of movement. She elucidates how we can set up our natural state environments like homes and offices to adapt and thrive in our aging bodies and in our daily tasks.

We briefly discuss the roles of stress and trauma on our bodies and how this relates to mechanotransduction and movement mechanics.

Katy recalls her involvement in Move for Minds seminar last year (2017) and we focus the last part of our conversation on brain health.

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