New Study Results with Drs Kat Toups & Dale Bredesen

Jun 1, 2021

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Our guests today are Drs Kathleen Toups & Dale Bredesen.

Link to the study results just released online:


Important to note, this has not yet been peer-reviewed yet.

25 participants in this group, underwent a 9-month trial.

21 people improved, 1 person no real changes and 3 people got worse to some degree.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

2:32 – what is MedArchive and have these study results been peer-reviewed yet? 

5:05 – the results of the study and what they learned about cognitive impairment 

10:23 – how they determined the cutoff for the participants in the study 

17:15 – lessons Dale brought into the study from his previous trial 

23:53 – how they proved that environmental factors were leading to cognitive decline 

31:03 – key attributes to people who are successful in improving during the study 

35:07 – main factors that lead to exposure to toxicity 

44:34 – the decision to study genetic factors of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline 

50:26 – responding to criticisms of the trial 

58:58 – plans for a follow-up trial 


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