Living well with Alzheimer’s – Lisa’s story of getting back to herself

Jul 12, 2021

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In this episode, we talk with Lisa, a woman in her early 70s living with Alzheimer’s.  Lisa is a patient of Dr. Bergman at Kemper Cognitive Wellness.  Lisa is joined in this conversation by her daughters, Stacy and Natalie.   We discuss the successes and challenges they have had as a family living with Alzheimer’s disease.  Lisa shares her thoughts about being diagnosed as well as the hope and results they have had since starting on a journey of living well with Alzheimer’s.

This episode is an important listen for anyone with doubts, reservations, or skepticism around a precision, functional medicine approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Note: names/identities were changed to preserve anonymity.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

1:50 – what it was like to get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and how the family responded 

12:13 – living with Alzheimer’s during the events of 2020 

14:33 – beginning treatment at Kempler Cognitive Wellness 

19:05 – how patients can navigate the healthcare system to find the best treatment plan for their diagnosis 

24:58 – implementing your treatment plan and navigating the necessary lifestyle changes 

36:34 – results that this family has seen from this treatment plan 

45:33 – maintaining motivation in a world where we don’t see a lot of people who are living their lives with Alzheimer’s 

53:48 – processing the permanent lifestyle changes that are involved with Alzheimer’s treatment plans 

55:44 – what “success” looks like with Alzheimer’s treatment 


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