Growing stronger inside with time

Feb 26, 2018

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We shift gears on this show to begin to talk about thriving in the second half of life. I introduce you to an incredible friend of mine, Sharon Lowenstein Poisner JD, PhD. At the time of this show’s recording, Sharon had just turned 80 years old. Sharon continues to give lectures on various topics on brain health and successful life and aging practices.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

Parts of this episode are heavy. We talk about the ups and down of Sharon’s life and the many challenges of growing through childhood trauma, midlife divorce, death of her spouse in later life. Sharon sheds light on how priorities, goals, and relationships change as someone progresses through their second half of life. Importantly, Sharon shares some of her deep insights on how meditation, forgiveness, and honoring past relationships have shaped her growth in the second half of life.


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