What is the Evolving Past Alzheimer’s Podcast

Oct 26, 2017

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Our show and website are here to help you or someone you know with a problem that is destroying minds and families all over the world. This problem is Alzheimer’s disease. Our fundamental belief is that Alzheimer’s is generally preventable and reversible (especially if discovered in the early stages).

My name is, Nate Bergman, your host on the “Evolving Past Alzheimer’s” Podcast. I am a physician in Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to this episode to hear my own story of memory loss and how I coped with feeling like I was losing my mind…and how I have gotten better.

Let’s Get Better!

The Evolving Past Alzheimer’s podcast covers Alzheimer’s issues from many angles. This show is focused on preventing Alzheimer’s, or at least identifying the disease as early as possible (if not before it starts…yes that may be possible). But our greatest desire is to help our listeners avoid the disease and “get better” from Alzheimer’s.

This show will explore the latest research and technologies with an emphasis on what you can do yourself or bring to your healthcare provider. Everything from diet, exercise, stress, medications, genetics, genomics, brain games, “Big Data’, Artificial intelligence (AI), and gene therapies. At times we will even sidebar into the spiritual and futuristic sides of Alzheimer’s and aging.

These are exciting times…come learn with us, interact, transform, and get better!!


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