Cognitive benefits of Crossfit…yes even for “older” brains & bodies!

Sep 21, 2020

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CrossFit Wellness Program has adapted to the needs of aging brains and bodies.  This episode with Michele Mootz tells you how. 

In this Episode You Will Learn:

In Feb 2018 Michele Mootz started the CrossFit Wellness Program focused on bringing CrossFit to populations that were not being addressed including those with serious chronic diseases as well as aging adults over 65 including those with cognitive impairment. We discuss the tremendous benefits they have seen to date. We also discuss the impact COVID has had on this program and the overall health of this community of individuals.
Michele Mootz was a Physical Therapist for 13 years before starting work with CrossFit. She is currently the Program Director for CrossFit Wellness as well as a Flowmaster for CrossFit Training Department.
In This Episode:
1:23 – Intro to Michele
2:29 – What is Crossfit?
9:45 – Michele’s journey from working as a physical therapist to CrossFit
11:12 – “The recipe to try to get our patients healthier doesn’t change, we are just paying closer attention to more high-risk factors they walk in with.” – Michele Mootz
14:18 – Results Michele has seen with the members of her gym
17:03 – “The foundation of CrossFit has always been that the movements are functional movements.” – Michele Mootz 21:33 – How CrossFit can improve areas of your life outside of just physical fitness
22:54“One of the mistakes that have been made by me and other CrossFit gyms is trying to integrate everyone into one class.” – Michele Mootz
27:23 – What the senior CrossFit classes look like
29:57 – How long it takes to see the results of CrossFit
To inquire about a local class or to join CrossFit’s zoom offering:
The zoom class discussed in this episode occurs at 9am Pacific time.




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