BrainSee – Early Detection of Alzheimer’s

Oct 5, 2020

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The field of preventive neurology is coming.  Detection of early brain damage is critical and our guest this episode, Darmiyan appears to have developed this technology.

This interview is with Darmiyan’s co-founder, Kaveh Vejdani MD, currently serving as it’s chief medical and technology officer.   

A highly technical, but potentially game-changing episode. Darmiyan is a medical image processing company currently focused on applying ai technology for early detection of neurodegenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s. Changes in the brain early on lead to Alzheimer’s before symptoms develop. If we can learn to detect these changes before symptoms manifest, then there is more opportunity for prevention.

In This Episode:

  • 1:04 – What the technology is and what it can see 
  • 5:18 – Discoveries they have made about early Alzheimer’s prevention and how the test works 
  • 12:04 – “This is one of the tests that is going to change the course of action.”
  • 14:04 – The accuracy you can expect from the test 
  • 17:10 – The criteria for diagnosis with the test 
  • 20:22 – What is on the horizon for Darmiyan?
  • 21:50 – “If you wait for the person to be close to dementia that it’s visible on the MRI, that is too late for treatment actions.”
  • 27:26 – Interventions that can improve results after early detection 
  • 29:24 – When this technology will be more widely available to people who want to detect degenerative diseases before they have symptoms



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