BrainHealth Kitchen for Alzheimer’s

Jan 8, 2018

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Our guest on this show is Dr Annie Fenn, M.D from BrainHealth Kitchen. She is a retired OB/GYN physician, writer and culinary instructor. The next couple of episodes we are going to do a deeper dive into the role nutrition and best (and worst) foods for Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

We discuss the format for Annie’s – BrainHealth Kitchen (formerly known as Brainworks Kitchen) a multi-dimensional program designed to prevent and improve brain health and Alzheimer’s. The main focus of this program is learning techniques of healthy eating and cooking in a group/community setting.

We discuss the virtuous cycle of becoming proactive about health. Whether you start with food or exercise or community, one good thing tends to lead to another.

We discuss the scientific evidence for Annie’s approach. She has primarily adopted the approach of communities in Blue Zones.This is primarily a plant-based, Mediterranean diet. She points to one study of nearly 2000 people that had 40% reduced chance of developing Alzheimer’s. She also mentioned the MIND Diet published by Martha Clare Morris which we will discuss in more detail in future episodes. 

We touch on “anti-nutrients” and the controversy of legumes/beans from a Paleo diet perspective. Legumes and beans do seem to be an important part of the Mediterranean. Bottom line, Annie recommends a personalized approach because the long term data is not clear on the health of beans and legumes.

Annie (minute 24) discusses a couple of specific tips and tricks on oils and cooking. Olive oil use in general. Avocado oil for cooking at higher heats.  

We discuss “Intermittent Fasting” – Annie has her student’s:

  1. no eating 3 hours before they go to bed.
  2. no wine after 9pm to avoid sleep disruption
  3. attempting to eat nothing for 15 hours straight (with the exception of black coffee in the morning) – this is the ketosis idea.

We discuss the strategic use of caffeine and how that might be helpful for the brain.

We briefly discuss Annie’s 23 years of experience as an OBGYN and the use of hormone therapy which we will discuss more in future episodes as well.

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